Interiors Roundup – Glittery Gold Accent Pieces!

Hello everyone & welcome back to another Interiors Roundup!

For all of you who absolutely love glitter, today's post is sure to bring a sparkle to your eye! As always, we like to keep an eye on the latest trends in interior decorating (especially ones that bring out your creativity!) so today we are looking at glitter & gold accent pieces!

Adding some subtle pops of gold / glitter to your centrepieces, photo frames, kitchenware & even your office & desk accessories can make a big difference to the look & feel of your space. Gold & metallic accent pieces are super trendy this year so it will not only make things feel a little more up to date, they can show off your creativity as well (especially if you're into DIYl!

Most all of the pieces below can be achieved with a little glitter from a craft shop & some gold furniture paint, so rather than going the expensive designer route for your new gold accent pieces, why not try getting a little crafty and giving your own version of these a go? It's always more fun to be creative & most of these are super simple & would make for a great weekend activity. & if you're not too keen on gold all year round, a bit of glitter is certainly welcomed around Christmas time too!

Here are some of our most loved examples we found online this week - all elegant, simple & chic while making a big statement:

Glittery Wine Bottle Flower Vases Image via Mod Wedding


Seasonal & Gold Colour Bunting Image via Etsy


Gold Topped Fire Logs Image via Crafts by Courtney


Gold Feature Frames Image via Domino


Gold & Glitter Mason Jars Image via Homedit


Gold Lounge Theme Image via Home Polish


Pink & Gold Desk Organizers Image via Brit + Co


Dipped Drawers Image via Home Talk


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