Hi everyone, I'm excited to be blogging again & very much from a personal perspective. Life & work always seem so hectic lately, so much so that I always feel like I'm on a constant treadmill trying to keep up! From moving cities (& the chaos that came with it), to burst water pipes (damaging my studio) & living on a bit of a building site, to juggling my workload, it can be quite hard to not feel overwhelmed by it all. I have to try & remind myself that these matters are truly not important in the grand scheme of things. I'm trying to make sure I'm present in the 'here & now' & not get caught up in the future goals as no matter how much you may want a project finished whether at home or at work, thinking of the end goal shouldn't distract you so much that you loose sight & forget to celebrate the little & daily things along the way.

It sounds silly (& cheesy!) but every evening I try to now think of all the things that have made me happy that day. As no matter how bad a day you are having I like to think everyone has at least one thing (no matter how tiny), that they can celebrate. Therefore I've decided to start a new column on the blog called #inmyhappyplace to document & cheer about those little moments of happiness. Welcome to #inmyhappyplace & here are the first seven moments of joy that I wanted to share with you.

I've loved...

  • That I now have a ribbon display rail at my new studio (an Ikea hack as it was a curtain rail costing just £1.50!)
  • I managed to get out & run again after a two week lapse (I'm unfit but training for my first ever race; a half marathon)
  • My beautiful boy Blayke & his never-ending eyelashes! (How is he 13 months already?)
  • Inspiring walks through a local walled garden (I was literally in garden heaven)
  • The fact that I'm drawing again & finally feeling creative (after a long break, due to lots of admin & management related work. When did I become a business woman?)
  • Getting the new studio set up & looking pretty again (the second time since we moved in due to water damage)
  • A bouquet of beautiful flowers from my Hubby (how lovely!)

I'd love to hear what's put a smile on your face over the past week! What makes you laugh, feel special or grateful? Share your moments with me on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

Rachael xo








2 thoughts on “#inmyhappyplace

  1. Virginia

    #inmyhappyplace Seeing your flower’s pictures; they’re so beautiful. Drinking a cup of hot chocolate and watching my cat stretching with such a pleasure!

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