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If you love fashion, bright colours, & bold patterns, you've tuned in at the perfect time this Tuesday! While we normally feature interior fashions, textiles, &  home trends, we thought it would be nice to spend a little time talking about clothing textiles, as they are a massive canvas for print & pattern designers all around the world.

Similar to interior textiles like cushions, sofas, armchairs, & curtains, the fashion industry is a vital creative outlet to surface pattern designers who want share their designs, spread their creativity, & ultimately push design boundaries. Since we follow & seek a lot of surface pattern inspiration, we've seen a lot of fabulous pieces recently that we've wanted to share with our followers.

Below we've picked out a few surface patterns that caught our eye this week across a collection of differing styles, & commented on what we really like about them. Ranging from space-like, geometric, floral, & fruity,  we'll sure you'll love this fab selection of inspirational & fashionable surface pattern designs.


What we like: This piece is incredibly artsy, spontaneous & chaotic. It's reminiscent of both space-like marble & a moody painters palette. Elegant & beautiful while being totally unique!       (Via Pinterest )


What we like: This dress is a wonderful combination of colour & a super soft texture. The white backdrop really boosts the warm, watercolour-like strokes throughout. Not your conventional dress, but we love the stand alone nature of this design. (Via


What we like: Floral feet! We love these lovely statement shoes with a floral surface pattern. The feel perfectly vintage & modern at the same time. Flowers are always great inspiration for Rachael's designs as well, so we're no stranger to these botanical beauties. (Via Seamless + Style)


What we like: This dress features a beautiful harmony of geometric patterns. WIth lots of primary colours & some in-between pastels, this outfit really showcases the potential of geometric surface patterns with triangles alone. Fabulous combination all around! (Via


What we like: This mega-adorable surface pattern is a great example of getting inspiration from nature. While most of us would cringe at the sight of a big beetle or wasp, this dress proves that these creepy crawlies are wearable as a fashion statement give the right pattern design. (Via


What we like: Can you get more summery than this? We love this watermelon surface pattern design. One thing's for sure, fruit is super trendy in the surface pattern world right now & it is no stranger to clothing. It's quirky & cute, & reminds us of something delicious! Need we say more? (Via Pinterest)


Like many of the designs above, Rachael's surface pattern work features bold colours, geometrics, flowers, insects & animals, botanics, & much more. Her wonderfully bright & happy portfolio showcases lots of her designs, which are also printed across so many wonderful products that you can add to your home or accessorise with.

We hope today's blog post has inspired you to add a little more pattern to your fashion palette!

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