Global Art Gathering

I've desperately wanted to post about the amazing Global Art Gathering / MATS Brighton event for a while now but as work has been so hectic I didn't want to rush it & really wanted to explain the magical event properly, giving it the time it deserved. I've been pondering how to explain the event but I think the words WOW, UPLIFTING, OUTSTANDING & UNFORGETTABLE really sum it up.

A while back I was honoured & excited when I received my invitation to speak on the panel & of course I said YES! (I wouldn't have missed it for the world, despite relocating my home & business to a new city in the same week!). I always knew it was going to be fantastic as the event was hosted by two very talented ladies (& their brilliant teams). I'm fortunate enough to work with the dynamic pair on a regular basis as Beth Kempton is my business partner & co founder of Make it in Design & Lilla Rogers is my design agent. They truly went above & beyond & I know everyone was blown away! It's an event that connected so many like minded people, allowed long lasting friendships to form & really encouraged & nurtured the audience to give them that all important confidence to 'just go for it'. There were so many fun activities crammed in too that helped to break the ice & encourage successful networking.

It was so great to meet up with the Lilla Rogers Studio ladies, Lilla's children, the fabulous Margo Tantau, Kelly Rae Roberts & some of my fellow LRS artists. I was truly blown away by Lilla! She's made to present & host, I always like to describe her as the Oprah Winfrey of the design world! GO LILLA! I was also incredibly impressed with the high standard of submissions for Lilla's live design brief & I felt truly honoured to chat to a number of the artists who participated.

Here are a selection of images from the event (as you can see it really was so fun, I think I'm laughing on every one). Enjoy!

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