Interiors Roundup – 5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Office!

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Today for our interiors roundup, we wanted to focus on a space that often gets neglected: your home office! For many, a home office is a little nook - sometimes a larger cupboard or a half bed - which can get filled to the brim with old papers, filing cabinets, & other mini piles of "I'll just sort that later."

But when you're up to your neck in junk, trapped in a small, cluttered space, & not really feeling the outdated design, how can you expect to be productive? Since many of the RT Team work in our own office spaces, we definitely know that it's important to really own it, rather than it own you. That way, your work space is a peaceful, productive, & super stylish area where you can get lots done.

Image via "10 Inspiring Home Offices" by Harper's Bazaar


To help you out, we've come up with a list of 5 ideas to really help you modernize, de-clutter & reclaim your office space:

1) Get a stylish new desk. Above all else, the desk is the centerpiece in your office space. It will be your work-hub where you spend most of your time. You're going to want to choose one that fits all your technical needs, but also leaves room for things like little plant pots, photos, a vase, or whatever will make you feel calm and collected while you work. Rachael has designed a wonderful range of fabulous desks that you can view here, but there are plenty of varieties all over the web.

2) Get a statement (but comfortable) chair. If you opt for a plainer desk, you will want to bring that sense of style into your space with your desk chair. Whether you prefer the minimalist look, or something with a bright surface pattern, make sure it suits the look you're trying to achieve, & that it's comfortable. You'll be spending a while perched on this thing, so make sure to have a test-sit-down before you buy! A wide variety of office chairs can be found here, along with this great list of '20 Affordable Accent Chairs.'

3) Invest in some storage. Storage is probably the most important part of your office space for keeping your sanity. Even if you aren't the type to file & organize, having somewhere to put loose paper, receipts, old birthday cards, & the little bits & bobs like pens, paper clips, & tech can make all the difference. There are tons of clever & cheap ways to create storage (even in the tiniest places!). Check out some storage ideas here( (general) & here (arts/crafts)!

4) Create a statement/feature wall of your favorite things. Like most offices, when you set up your PC, it's likely that you will be facing a wall. A good way to keep yourself motivated and feeling relaxed is to surround yourself with encouraging, positive, funny, or sentimental imagery. By creating a feature wall, you can hand-select all the lovely things you can look up at while you work to keep you going. Some great ideas of how to do that can be found here!

5) Add a touch of zen. A teapot of nice hot herbal tea, a bunch of fresh flowers, some lovely smelling candles, or even a little radio with your favorite channel on. Whatever makes you relax, be sure to leave a little room for it in your space. When you're feeling like you've got a lot to tackle, be sure there's a little part of your space that keeps your spirits high.

Hopefully we've inspired you to start de-cluttering your own home office & getting to updating your home office. Once it's done, you'll feel proud that you've accomplished it, & much more relaxed in your work space.

For a little extra inspo, take a peek at my (Holly) little office space, which I created using all the tips above! Mine was put together in a little corner of my lounge & works perfectly for the bits & bobs I do at home! Happy decorating everyone!

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