20 Ways To Draw a Doodle Book!

I am finally able to share the exciting news of my first ever book! Published with Quarry Books, the book is available for pre-order on Amazon now & will be out on May 1st! I'm so excited, I can't wait for you to see it! Below you can read the books description:

'Swirls, spirals, & symbols come alive with 20 Ways to Draw a Doodle. Beautifully illustrated, this inspirational sketchbook lets you draw outside the trapezoid & create beautiful designs & patterns.

Explore playful polygons, zany zigzags, & tweaked twizzles & twirls! Let your pencil roam freely across the page & create your own designs! 20 Ways to Draw a Doodle is perfect for illustrators, cartoonists, doodlers, & anyone who loves to sketch. This is not a step-by-step technique book - rather, the abstract shapes, lines, & patterns in this volume are simplified, modernised & reduced to the most basic elements, offering simple forms that meld to create the building blocks of any item (man-made or organic) that you want to draw. This all-in-one sketchbook let’s you draw right on the pages making it easy to keep all of your most inspired creations at hand.

Whether it’s for a project or just to pass the time and relax, learn how to doodle & create cool patterns & designs. 20 Ways to Draw a Doodle is the perfect muse for any level of doodler. Best of all, you can use your doodles as a starting point for bigger projects like wallpaper, stationary, cards, wrapping paper, & more!'


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